Celebrating U.S. Supreme Court Decision Overturning Defense of Marriage Act

Brad Hoylman

June 27, 2013

On June 26, Senator Hoylman spoke before a crowd of thousands who gathered in front of the Stonewall Inn to celebrate the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in United States v. Windsor, which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act’s ban on federal recognition of legal same-sex marriages. Following is a transcript of Senator Hoylman's remarks:

“I'm State Senator Brad Hoylman.

“This is my husband David.

“And my daughter Silvia. She’s a two year old activist!

“Today, brothers and sisters, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

“The shoulders of the veterans of the Stonewall riots, who started our movement for LGBT equality and justice at this very location 44 years ago this month.

“And now, today, we have new shoulders to stand on: Edie Windsor.

“Now, Edie may be small in stature. She's a tiny and beautiful and elegant woman, but she is a civil rights giant.

“Thanks to Edie – my family – David, and Silvia and me – promise to be treated by the federal government just like any other family in this country.

“It's all we ever wanted. To be treated equally. It’s all everyone here has ever wanted!

“So my family – David and Silvia and me – stands on your shoulders, Edie

“Our community here in Greenwich Village, stands on your shoulders, Edie

“Our LGBT brothers and sisters, across New York State and the entire nation, for generations to come, stand on your shoulders, Edie

“Fair minded and justice seeking people all over the world will come to stand on your shoulders, Edie

“You and your legal team led by Robbie Kaplan have had the courage to fight for what you believe in, to fight for your family, to fight for Thea’s memory – to fight for all of us

“Today we are all standing on the shoulders of giants!”