Support the TRUMP Act: No Presidency without Tax Returns

December 16, 2016

As initially reported in BuzzfeedFortune, and now the New York Times editorial board, I've introduced legislation to fix some of the damage done by the 2016 election. 

The T.R.U.M.P. (Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public) Act, would force candidates for president to release five years of tax returns to the New York State board of elections no later than 50 days before the general election, which would in turn redact personal information and make the returns public. Failure to comply with the legislation should it become law would prohibit the state’s electors from voting for that candidate and the candidate’s name would not appear on the New York state ballot.

Trump's refusal to disclose his returns has denied voters an important perspective on the candidate’s potential conflicts of interests as well as their financial well-being and how much he gave to charity. With Russian interference in the 2016 election now an established fact, it is more importan than ever that Trump's tax returns be released. This bill will be a crucial lever in forcing that release. Morever, this bill could prove an essential in preventing Trump's act of refusal from forming a dangerou new precedent in American politics.

With the Republican administration and congress unlikely to act on this, it is up to the states to protect one our nation's most important Democratic norms. New York and its 29 electoral votes can make a significant national impact with this legislation.

I encourage you to sign and share this petition and make your voice heard: No Presidency without Tax Returns! 

Thank you for your support.