Concerns about High Stakes Testing in our Schools

Brad Hoylman

January 17, 2014

 I am deeply concerned about the emphasis on high-stakes testing as a measure of student learning, teacher effectiveness and school performance. We need to broaden our understanding of education, move away from “teaching to the test,” and relieve the pressure on our students. Toward that end, I am a co-sponsor of legislation (S.4764-A) prohibiting high-stakes, standardized testing for schoolchildren in pre-K through second grade and support other measures to reduce excessive testing. This year, the terms of 4 of the 17 members of the State Board of Regents will expire. I will carefully evaluate the candidates regarding their views of high-stakes testing and other critical education policy issues when they come before the Senate for confirmation. It is important that we reduce the emphasis on testing in our schools and amplify the voices of parents, students and educators in education policy.