Senator Hoylman Calls on State Liquor Authority to Revoke License of Dangerous Soho Nightclub

Brad Hoylman

April 24, 2014

Enough is enough. The State Liquor Authority should shut down Greenhouse nightclub at 150 Varick Street once and for all. The operators have clearly shown they dont know how to run a safe venue for customers and in the process they’ve shown no respect for the local neighborhood.

As the recent incidents underscore, Greenhouse is a hotspot for criminal activity. But this has been going on for years. Dozens of crimes have occurred here during operating hours as The Villager has pointed out, including 32 larcenies, eight misdemeanor assaults and five felony assaults in 2013 alone. The situation doesn't call for a rebranding of the venue, a laughable suggestion from the owners, but for the SLA to take the strongest action possible and revoke the license for Greenhouse entirely -- period, end of story -- before someone else gets seriously injured, or worse.