Senator Hoylman Extremely Disappointed by Senate Passage of MMA Bill

May 13, 2014

"I am extremely disappointed that the State Senate has again passed a bill to permit the violent and gladiatorial sport of Mixed Martial Arts, without ensuring proper long-term health care coverage for its fighters. The health consequences of MMA are no longer hypothetical - there is mounting scientific evidence that MMA fighting is directly correlated to brain trauma. A new study by the the American Journal of Sports Medicine released in March reveals that knock-outs during MMA fights result in a higher rate of brain trauma than knock-outs in similar sports such as boxing and traditional martial arts. The UFC profits from sensationalized violence, while refusing to take financial responsibility for the health consequences. It is irresponsible to legalize MMA fighting in NYS without a state-coordinated, industry-sponsored fund to cover long-term injuries sustained by fighters, whose cognitive health is exploited by the UFC for entertainment."