Supporting Environment New York’s Call for Policies to Promote Electric Vehicles

Brad Hoylman

July 02, 2014

Today I joined Environment New York, as well as Assembly Members Linda Rosenthal and David Buchwald, as the organization unveiled its new report, “Driving Cleaner: More Electric Vehicles Mean Less Pollution.” In 2006, documentarian Chris Paine asked “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Today, companies like Tesla right here our senate district have brought the electric car back to life. The report finds that more than 220,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are on America’s roads today and in just the last two years, annual sales of electric vehicles have increased by 500 percent. Still the report underscores the need for our state and federal governments to do even more to encourage car companies to produce zero emission vehicles, and make it easier for consumers to drive them. I look forward to working with Environment New York and my colleagues in government to get more clean-energy electric vehicles on our roads and deliver real benefits for our health and environment.