Urging the Governor to Sign Legislation to Crack Down on Puppy Mills

Brad Hoylman

November 02, 2013

On November 1, I joined State Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and other local elected officials in calling on Governor Cuomo to sign a bill she authored which makes it easier to crack down on “puppy mills” in New York State. Puppy mills are often filthy, overcrowded and lead to serious medical and genetic conditions which are only discovered after the puppies have been sold to local stores and their customers. It is unconscionable for anyone to keep animals in such conditions. 

This bill will allow individual municipalities to issue regulations for breeders and pet stores, and will help to ensure that the puppies in a store window are healthy, spayed or neutered and did not experience such heart-breaking beginnings. As a co-sponsor in the Senate, I am eager to see the Governor sign this important piece of legislation into law.