Amy Breedlove

April 27, 2018

Amy Breedlove has established herself as an effective community leader in Brooklyn, currently serving as the President of Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill Association (CHA), whose mission is to protect and preserve the historic neighborhood. Under her leadership, the CHA is at its largest duespaying membership in 60 years and oversees 13 active committees.

Ms. Breedlove started her community involvement by opposing inappropriate building changes in the landmarked district of Cobble Hill. As president of the CHA, she works tirelessly, leading the organization to promote the common good and general welfare of the Cobble Hill community in order to make civic and social improvements.

The CHA has represented the community during a land use action by the developer and the City of New York on the former Long Island College Hospital (LICH) campus in Cobble Hill. The CHA worked with elected officials, City Hall and the city agencies to set up a Construction Period Task Force to mitigate the negative impact to the community. Under Ms. Breedlove’s leadership, the CHA is pushing to lessen the impact to the neighborhood from the BQE Rehab Project, including pushing for better open and green space along the project corridor.

Ms. Breedlove has a background in activism and has fought for women’s and LGBTQ rights. She also serves on the board of Stonewall Community Development Corporation, whose mission is to provide affordable, supportive and safe housing to LGBTQ seniors in New York City. She has worked at an architecture firm as the managing director, and continues to consult with architectural and design firms on their business practices. Creating a better-built environment and promoting the community are her passions.

Ms. Breedlove and her family live in Cobble Hill.