Campaign Finance Reform 2.0: Crowdsourcing and NYSenate Markup Initiatives

May 22, 2009

The New York State Senate is seeking your help.

The Senate recognizes the need to reform our state's campaign finance laws in order to restore public trust in government and allow elected officials to focus on public needs rather than special interests.  The Senate Elections Committee, chaired by Senator Joseph P. Addabo Jr., is considering a number of proposed reforms, including proposals to create a system of voluntary public financing.

Do you have ideas and thoughts on how campaign finance reform should move forward in New York? We want to hear them. There are two ways to participate in the conversation through

  1. Submit an idea on how to reform the state's campaign finance laws through the NYSenate crowdsourcing tool
  2. Provide feedback on existing draft legislation, available at NYSenate Markup


The Senate is committed to furthering the openness, transparency, and most of all, participatory nature of its work, and these goals cannot be achieved without New Yorkers who take the time to join the conversation.

Your submissions will be read by a real human being. Senate staff will take the ideas and data from this tool into consideration during the legislative process.

We hope you will continue to be a part of our efforts to foster true democracy here in New York State. Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @NYSenate to receive updates from the Senate about future crowdsourcing and Markup efforts, as well as other initiatives.

For more information on the Elections Committee's work, including the schedule for public hearings, visit their page.