Career preparation resources

November 23, 2010

Selecting a Professional Career
The Department of Labor has established One-Stop Career Centers for you to receive free services and resources on finding a job. So, complete your Registration Form  and visit your Local One-Stop Career Center Today ! After you do so, please share your experience with us by completing our on-line survey.

  We recommend the following web resources if you need help:


Wages and Salary Information
Are you looking for work in New York, but are not sure what to ask for your salary? It is always safe to write “negotiable” on your application, but in order to ensure that your employer pays you a living wage, it is important that you know the wages offered for your industry.

  • Minimum Wage Information and Prevailing Wage Information is important to know when searching for jobs in NY because you should always know the lowest wage that an employer can legally pay you to work.
  • Once you know the minimum wage, it is always helpful to understand how professionals in your desired profession are paid in NY. The New York State Department of Labor website posts Wage Statistics for various occupations in the state.