Creating Jobs, Revitalizing Our Economy

Catharine Young

April 29, 2014

Working to create new job opportunities in Western New York and throughout our state has always been one of my top priorities. That’s why I’m glad to share with you some important news about job creation initiatives in our new 2014-15 state budget.

The new budget--enacted on-time for the fourth year in a row--is a bipartisan plan that will help to revitalize New York’s economy and create thousands of new jobs.

It’s an outstanding budget that controls overall spending growth, reduces taxes, and will increase the competitiveness of our local small businesses and manufacturers. It also makes smart, new investments in job training programs to help New Yorkers enhance their job skills--opening the door to new opportunities, financial security, and career success.

Among the highlights, the budget will:

  • Reduce taxes on manufacturers, a move that will attract new businesses and start-ups, and help strengthen the bottom line for existing companies;
  • Cut energy taxes for businesses and residents; and
  • Continue the progress we’ve made to bring down property taxes, with new property tax rebates for homeowners and a new property tax credit for manufacturers.

The budget also makes major new investments in higher education and job training, to give today’s workers the skills they need to stay competitive, and to help prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the jobs of the future. Details include:

  • Funding for the Next Generation Job Linkage Program, which links employers and job seekers with training in the skills they need to succeed, and
  • Major support for SUNY and our outstanding community colleges, as well as the non-profit Workforce Development Institute.

New York’s economy has turned a corner, and the best way to continue our progress and build a better future is to keep doing what works: controlling spending, reducing the cost of doing business, and investing in training and education to better prepare our workforce.

This budget’s focus on tax relief and economic growth is extremely positive. By working together in supporting tax cuts and good-paying jobs for families, and career opportunities for our young people, we have taken major steps towards restoring our state, strengthening our economy, and giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

For more information on everything included in this year’s state budget, please visit: Budget 2014-15 Fact Sheet.pdf

Warmest regards,

Senator Cathy Young
57th District