Promise of Reform needs to be honored

Catharine Young

July 10, 2009

             My priority remains -- to finally reform the Senate and change Albany so that our State has a bright future.

             New York has been on a collision course with disaster, and my vote for reform on June 8th was about saving the State, especially Upstate.  

            There are damaging bills that I’m still fighting to block including a farm worker bill that would put our farms out of business for good, and legislation that could let the government dictate how many miles you can drive your personal vehicle. Those are just two examples of many New York City-driven bills that must be stopped.

            My goal is to end secretive backroom deals and to have an open and accountable government that doesn’t shut out public input.

             We need checks and balances so that every region is treated fairly and equitably. The economy of Upstate New York must be rebuilt.

             I am more committed than ever to rolling back Governor Paterson’s destructive tax hikes that have hurt our families and are killing jobs. Tragically, his budget’s irresponsible, out-of-control spending that the Senate Democrats pushed through will make it even harder for our state to make an economic recovery.

             Every single day I hear passionate and sincere pleas for help from the people in my District. Many have lost their jobs, are struggling just to make ends meet and to provide for their families' basic needs.  They need and deserve to have tax relief and good-paying jobs.  Our young people need to have career opportunities so they don't have to move away.

             My fight will continue for job creation and to restore property tax relief - especially the STAR rebate checks that families and seniors have come to rely on.

             While we have successfully fought a long and arduous battle for reform and have an agreed-upon framework, we need the Democrats to keep their promise by enacting this coming week the reforms that our Coalition passed on June 8th.

                Only then can our State begin to turn around. Our people's future depends on it.