Senate Takes Action in the Fight Against Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Catharine Young

June 11, 2014

In towns and cities throughout our state, the scourge of heroin and opioid addiction is spreading among our communities, taking young lives, and destroying once promising futures.

That's why I am pleased to report that the State Senate is taking action by passing critical legislation to protect our communities and families from these destructive and deadly drugs.

The legislation we passed enhances treatment options, strengthens law enforcement's ability to take drug dealers off the streets, and increases education about the dangers of heroin and opioid abuse. 

Click here for more information on this legislation.

This week's action follows the successful forum on heroin and opioid addiction that I hosted with the Seneca Nation of Indians. Dozens of experts, parents, recovering addicts, law enforcement personnel, and other concerned New Yorkers affected by addiction came together to offer their perspectives and voice their concerns. The groundbreaking  legislation passed this week was born of their testimonies and recommendations.

Now that this legislation has successfully passed the State Senate, I will be working in a bipartisan way to ensure these crucial recommendations are enacted into law. 

By working together, I am confident we can save lives and help prevent future tragedies from occurring.

Warmest regards,

Senator Cathy Young
57th District