Senator Young with Ronald Halicki, accepting a proclamation for his father, Rudolph Halicki for 63 years of service to the East Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department

Catharine Young

February 20, 2013

Senator Young stopped by a ceremony commemorating the service of three long-time members of the East Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department. Dorothy Roman (63 years of service), Rudolph Halicki (63 years of service) and Ronald Martin (50 years of service) were all honored for their tremendous contributions to the community.

Dorothy Roman is a charter member of the East Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. She served as the first President of the Ladies Auxiliary, and she has held the posts of Vice President, Treasurer and Trustee.

Rudolph Halicki is a charter member of the East Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department, serving from 1950 until the present. He served as Fire Chief from 1954 – 1955.

Ronald Martin, a United States Navy veteran from the Vietnam War, served as President from 2007 – 2011. He continues to volunteer as the Hall Rental Director and Custodian for the department.

Volunteer firefighters and fire departments not only provide the critical service of fire protection, but also engage in other activities of great benefit and importance to the communities they serve.

These three are perfect examples of the dedication and sacrifices that so many volunteer firefighters make to better their communities, and we can’t thank them enough!