Commonly Accessed Applications

November 23, 2010

Are you having difficulty finding documents from the Department of Labor website?  We have compiled links to commonly used applications:

Unemployment Insurance

Have you recently lost a job where you worked in NYS?  You may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits; the Department of Labor created a chart that explains eligibility by employment title.  If you would like to know more about the unemployment insurance process, you can read the “Unemployment Insurance Claimant Handbook” in English or in other languages.

If you are unemployed and know that you are eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits , you can file for benefits electronically by clicking here.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Calculator  is a calculation tool provided by the NYS Department of Labor for unemployment insurance applicants who need a realistic estimate of their expected unemployment insurance benefits.

Finding a job isn’t always an easy process and it definitely isn’t always quick one.  If you are running low on funds and are currently unemployed, there are public assistance programs that you may be eligible to receive.

Are you an independent contractor working in NYS?  Independent contractors are exempt from unemployment insurance law except when the independent contractor has an employment relationship with their client.  If an employment relationship exists, then an independent contractor is entitled to receive unemployment insurance employee benefits.