Change New York Now!

Daniel L. Squadron

May 09, 2011

By Senator Daniel Squadron on 05/09/2011 @ 01:00 PM

Real change comes when those who want it don’t just wait for it to happen. Last week. Senate Democrats launched the first-ever interactive ethics forum to reform Albany.

Despite clear and convincing support for ethics reform by an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers, Senate Republicans continue to stall progress and stand in the way of change. To break the Albany logjam, Senate Democrats convened our own interactive ethics forum broadcast live over the Internet featuring real time communication and participation from the viewer audience via Twitter, Facebook, Livestream, and E-Mail.

The people are disillusioned and disappointed with state government because they see promises being broken and their priorities being ignored. We are bringing the public into the conversation.

Ethics reform is not just about restoring the people’s faith. There are real consequences to doing nothing. Inaction breeds an atmosphere of dysfunction that prevents the Legislature from getting things done on tax relief, job creation, housing, education, health care, and transportation.

If we want to see real change, we are going to have to take real action and that means getting the people involved by giving them an important opportunity to listen, ask questions, and join us in demanding action on vital reforms including:

Senate Democrats are using new media and social networking tools to open up government and engage New Yorkers in an unprecedented effort to reform Albany.

Our choice is simple: we can sit back and listen to more empty promises or speak up and demand change.

For a more responsive and responsible state government, join our fight for reform at:

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