Hariton Marachilian, Ismile Althaibani, and Abraham Althaibani

May 15, 2017

Hariton Marachilian, Ismile Althaibani, and Abraham Althaibani are all former Marines in the United States military. As Arab-Americans, their love and dedication for their new country and commitment to protecting our freedoms is evident in their service. These three brave and devoted men fought together in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and continued their service to our state and our nation afterward by joining the NYPD.

Hariton Marachilian enlisted in the Marines in 1998 with the 6th Communications Battalion, based in Brooklyn. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 with the 1st Marine Division as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, rising to the rank of Sergeant. Following his service in the Marines, Mr. Marachilian joined the NYPD, where he currently serves as a Lieutenant in Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct. Mr. Marachilian earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from John Jay College. He is happily married with two sons.

Ismile Althaibani served with Mr. Marachilian in the 6th Communications Battalion. He deployed to Iraq in 2004 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained during the Battle of Fallujah, one of the Iraq War’s most bloody battles. He was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon for his service and rose through the ranks. Mr. Althaibani currently serves in the NYPD with the Manhattan Transit Task Force.

Like his brother Ismile, Abraham Althaibani deployed to Iraq in 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Prior to that, he had served with the 225th Marine Corps Regiment, based in Garden City. After 9/11, Mr. Althaibani’s Unit was activated as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Fluent in Arabic, Mr. Althaibani served on multiple counterintelligence teams affiliated with the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions. He currently serves in the 88th Precinct of the NYPD in Brooklyn.

These three men fought admirably and fearlessly. They deserve all the recognition for their sacrifices that our country has to offer.