Mary Spink

May 11, 2011


Mary Spink


Year: 2011

Born in Schenectady, Mary Spink moved to New York City in her late teens. Though life in New York was difficult for a young woman on her own, Ms. Spink soon found her way through volunteer work. It was by giving of her time that she found her true vocation. She worked at many di­fferent jobs, but her quick mind, energy and organizational abilities soon pushed her into positions where she could and would make a difference.

Through the years, Ms. Spink has owned and operated a dress shop, a newsstand, a hardware store and Sacred Circle, Inc. - all in the Lower East Side. Her long resume lists experience as a cook, record promoter, brick layer, dancer, waitress, plumber, office manager, superintendent and property manager. She has served as Director of Drug Prevention for the Archdiocese of New York and now is currently Executive and Development Director of LES Peoples Mutual Housing Association, Inc.

In addition to her work, Ms. Spink has given back to the community in many ways. She has volunteered as a board or committee member at over 20 organizations including 19 years as a board or committee member of the LES Peoples Federal Credit Union, 14 years as a board member of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, and for nine years served as a board member and Chair of the LES Girls Club.

Ms. Spink is the recipient of many awards including the Neighborhood Advocate Award, the Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award and the Pioneer Spirit Award.

For her dedication to volunteering, leadership and selfless spirit in community revitalization, Ms. Spink has received many accolades including the Andrew Heiskell Community Renaissance Award, the Innovative Venture Award, Housing as a Human Right Award and the Dewitt Stern Local Hero Award. She also received the Sara Curry Award for Community Service and, in 2010, The Lower East Side Girls Club presented her with a Willow Award for her work to see the LESGC build their new headquarters.