Senate Woman of Distinction Award

Daniel L. Squadron

June 02, 2009

The Women of Distinction Award honors an outstanding woman from our community.  I am honored to recognize Mrs. Charlotte Miles’ work and to celebrate her as one of New York’s Women of Distinction.

Charlotte is a true advocate for issues facing the Lower East Side community.  She moved to the Lower East Side when she was two years old and has lived in the community ever since. She has three children and five grandchildren.

Dedication to the community began at an early age for Charlotte; she was exposed to community work by watching her mother perform services through the church.  Charlotte began her work in the community almost 20 years ago.  She is currently the PSA4 Community Council President and the Lillian Wald Tenant Association President and has served as president of both organizations for the last 12 years.

Charlotte devotes herself to vital services for her community, including senior activities, child care, and health awareness. Her understanding of NYCHA, the local community, and the needs of her neighbors make her an invaluable resource for the Lower East Side.