Squadron, Quart on NY1 re: Police Body Camera Footage

From NY1:

Last year, in an interview on Inside City Hall, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that if he had his way, the recordings would never be public.

"We have never released 911 calls, and video recorded by these officers, I think it would be under the same protection of not being released, even to FOIL requests," Bratton said in September 2015."

But last month, in a letter to state Senator Daniel Squadron, who is co-sponsoring the legislation, the commissioner changed his tune. Bratton says, "The New York City Police Department believes that the videos captured by the body-worn cameras are records that are subject to FOIL and its exemptions."

"The commissioner being clear that body camera footage is in fact eligible for FOIL, which he had said it was not before, is great news for the public and great news as we expand this technology," Squadron said."

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