Squadron Renews Call for Ticket Reselling Reform in Response to AG Schneiderman Report

Senator Has Led Multi-Year Push Against Broken, Special-Interest Driven State Law

Squadron Calls for Senate Oversight Hearings & Passage of Reforms

NEW YORK - State Senator Daniel Squadron, who sponsors ticket reselling reform measures including price caps and increased transparency (S.192), as well as a ban on charity ticket reselling (S.571) released the following statement in response to Attorney General Schneiderman's ticket reselling report:

"You shouldn't have to be able to buy Madison Square Garden to see a show there. When a majority of tickets to big shows are never available to the average fan, driving prices through the roof, it’s clear the law is working for ticket brokers and resellers, not everyday New Yorkers. Yet, year after year the Senate Majority has passed this law pushed by industry special interests, without considering the impact on constituents across the state. I've put forth common sense reforms like a price cap and increased transparency, and a ban on charity ticket resales. The Attorney General's report makes it clear that reforms are critical to protect consumers, and give New Yorkers a shot to see Springsteen, Kanye, or even, the Pope. I urge the Senate Majority to hold oversight hearings before any vote and to support my proposals to fix this broken market."