Squadron Responds to Governor’s Ticket Reselling Announcement

NEW YORK - State Senator Daniel Squadron, who sponsors ticket reselling reform measures including price caps and increased transparency (S.192), as well as a ban on charity ticket reselling (S.571) and has repeatedly argued for reform on the Senate floor released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo’s ticket reselling law announcement:

“I applaud the Governor’s strong statement. The Governor is right to insist on significant reform, including increased information on ticket availability, as well as reforms to address ticket bots. I look forward to working with the Governor’s announced task force to find a better way.

"For years I have pushed to change our broken ticket reselling laws, especially around charity ticket profiteering and transparency. From being one of two votes against this law in 2010, to the concerns now shared by many of my colleagues, the Attorney General and the Governor, one thing has been clear: today’s law benefits a small number of resellers and venues at the cost of everyday fans. The Governor is right to insist that this law is never extended without being fixed again.”


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