Squadron Responds To Passage Of Ticket Bot & Transparency Bill

NEW YORK – State Senator Daniel Squadron released the following statement on the Senate’s passage of S6931C-Lanza:

“We know that when fans are pitted against bots and special interests, they never come out on top. That’s why, for six years, I’ve argued, written, and rapped for ticket reselling reform. Today’s passage of legislation to rein in ticket purchasing bots and include tickets’ face value on ticket reselling sites are important steps in that long push.

"From transparency, to charity ticket profiteering, to bots, it’s clear our ticket reselling laws have been broken. Now, for the first time in six years, we can say there’s movement to improve it. With the Attorney General and Governor joining the chorus for reform, I thank Senator Lanza for today’s step, and look forward to continued progress on needed reforms through the Governor’s ticket reselling law working group.”

Squadron was one of two “no” votes to extending the current ticket law in 2010, and has continued to push for reform since. Squadron sponsors a number of ticket reform measures, including to institute price caps and increased transparency (S.192), as well as a ban charity ticket profiteering (S.571).