Fourth Meeting of the Rules Reform Committee

David J. Valesky

April 21, 2009

On April 21, 2009, the Temporary Committee, with all members present, met in Albany for the fourth time in nearly one month to consider and vote on this report. The discussion and vote was preceded by four public hearings conducted throughout the state during the month of February. Following a robust conversation about the recommendations—there were many that had been agreed upon previously—the Temporary Committee voted to accept the report. The final vote was as follows: six Senators (Klein, Parker, Serrano, Squadron, Stewart-Cousins and Valesky) voted in favor of recommending the report to the Temporary President of the Senate and Majority Leader; three Senators (Bonacic, Griffo and Winner) “abstained”; however, they voted in favor of continuing the Temporary Committee.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Vielkind