NYSS Temporary Committee on Rules Reform: Syracuse Testimony Given Friday, February 6, 2009

David J. Valesky

Hearing Minutes
Minutes from the Hearing in Syracuse

Jennifer Drage, Policy Associate
National Conference of State Legislatures

Tanika Jones, Syracuse Area Organizer
Citizen Action of New York

Joan Johnson, Co-President
Syracuse Metro League of Women Voters

Neysha Alvarez
Private Citizen

Brian Hughes, Represenative
Liquor Store Owners of Central New York

David M. Lum
Private Citizen

Kevin Gallagher
Private Citizen

Steve B. Bolton, Director
North Country Library System

Douglas Malone, Lee Walker, Phil Vasho
Minority Caucus of Oswego County

Reginald Neale
Citizens For a Better New York

Deborah Warner, Vice President for Public Policy & Government Relations
Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Ray Petersen, Professor of Policitical Science
Private Citizen

Mark Bitz
Private Citizen

Guy Thomas Cosentino
Private Citizen

Sue Diesing, Member of ARISE Child and Family Service
Private Citizen