John N. Sollazzo

After serving as the Leading Seaman of the First Division of the USS Intrepid, and as a firefighter for 20 years at Staten Island’s Engine Company 160, John N. Sollazzo has dedicated his adult life working hard to better the entire community of Staten Island. Mr. Sollazzo left the Navy to marry his lifelong sweetheart, Frances, and went on to become a staple in the borough.

Mr. Sollazzo has gone above and beyond the call of duty for the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), even after retirement. He is now the current resident of various fire department retiree organizations that give back to the community tremendously.

Mr. Sollazzo has been a former executive board member for non-profits such as “Meals on Wheels” and “Youth Against Crime,” all on Staten Island. His accomplishments and civil service to the borough of Richmond County and his country as a whole know no limits. He is a man of high honor and rapport among his community. Much of Mr. Sollazo’s work and dedication in his later years is credited to his time serving as a leading seaman aboard the Intrepid.

John Sollazzo has been making an impact on Staten Island for decades through his selfless dedication to the community as well as his strong leadership roles in politics. He is often regarded as “Mr. Democrat” — a nickname that will live with him forever. Mr. Sollazzo has worked tirelessly on and across the island for all individuals.