Rally Against Rep. Mica's Plan For A 30% Reduction In Transportation Funding

Diane J. Savino

September 20, 2011

Amalgamated Transit Union local 726 President Angelo Tanzi (left in blue golf shirt) stands with his bus driving members, Councilman Vincent iginzio, and State Senator Diane Savino in Staten Island's rally to save transit funding from draconian cuts.  

Representative and transportation chairman John Mica (Florida) has put forth a plan to drastically cut transportation funding by at least 30%. The "Don't X Out Public Transit Campaign Kicked off nationwide today.  on Staten Island 35% of the express buses would disappear under the Rep. Mica plan.  Those buses where marked with large "X's" to represent that they would not be there next year if this Mica plan becomes law.  

State Senator Diane Savino stated, "people in Nebraska mig not get it, but we Islanders understand you get rid of the money for public transportation and we can't get to work.  Try getting this economy moving again when 40,0000 islanders are literally left on the sidewalk by Washington under this plan.  


Go to www.supporttransit.org to take action.