Serena Brothers-Mohamed

May 14, 2012


Serena Brothers-Mohamed


Year: 2012

Serena Brothers-Mohamed is a dedicated public servant, community leader and activist. A resident of Staten Island since 1991, Ms. Brothers-Mohamed received a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from the College of Staten Island; from there she went on to earn her Master’s in education. After graduating, she began to serve the community as a case manager for a women’s homeless shelter and also for Seaman Society. She also became an American Sign Language teacher at the Edwin Markham Intermediate School on Staten Island.

In 2001, Ms. Brothers-Mohamed founded a youth group, Young, Talented & Gifted (YTG), which by 2003 evolved into a full-service youth organization whose mission is to encourage, educate, empower and build self-esteem through the arts. Through Ms. Brothers-Mohamed’s vision and dedication, YTG provides mentoring, educational support, college planning, scholarship research and writing, community service projects, talent showcases and parent forums.

In 2007, Ms. Brothers-Mohamed further expanded YTG and her engagement of Staten Island youth and their parents by launching the Martin Luther King, Jr. Step Up-Speak Out Day of Service Family Summit. This is an annual all-day event that offers free workshops that address the needs of people in the community. According to Ms. Brothers-Mohamed, she chose to hold it in the College of Staten Island so that those in attendance can “learn about the wonderful and affordable education they can get right in their community.”

Currently, Ms. Brothers-Mohamed can be found teaching wellness at the John W. Lavelle Prepatory Charter School. This class helps to nurture students’ emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health while preparing them for college. Her motto is, “she’s just a pencil in God’s hands”, and she lives by the creed, “ask not what your community can do for you but what can you do for your community.”

Ms. Brothers-Mohamed and her husband are the proud parents of three wonderful children. She is also the surrogate mother to two men she raised from a young age whom she calls her gifts from God.