August Constituent of the Month: Shimon Herz

August 01, 2013

shimon herz.jpg

Award: Constituent of the Month

Shimon Herz, born to Holocaust survivors, grew up in a home that was focused on education and helping others, and these principles were deeply engrained into the life of young Shimon.In 1974, he arrived in Crown Heights to study in the world renowned  Rabbinical College on Eastern Parkway under the leadership of The Grand Rebbe of Lubavitch, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of Blessed memory.  In 1978, Rabbi Herz graduated from the Rabbinical College with honors and soon after married his wife, the former Sheina Weiss of Pittsburgh, PA.  Following his marriage, he entered post graduate studies, where he received his Masters of Judaic Literature.After working in the private sector for many years, it was no surprise that Rabbi Herz was approached by community leaders to run the Shalom Senior Center. The center was in desperate need of a new home and new leadership. In conjunction with the Department For The Aging, a new home was found, and for the past 14 years Rabbi Herz has  been instrumental for the continuing success of the center.Besides running the Shalom Center, Rabbi Herz is very involved in the Crown Heights community. Five of his six children have made their homes in Crown Heights, so he is deeply committed to the growth of Crown Heights, helping to see that the neighborhood is a safe and clean neighborhood for his children and grandchildren to thrive.