Constituent Spotlight - August 2012

Eric Adams

July 31, 2012

Michael Peterson is a Brooklyn native with over 10 years of experience in youth development and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in a gambit of Brooklyn neighborhoods, Michael has been impacting his community on different levels from as early as 16 years of age. Starting his service to the community via a part-time Job in Harlem's Salvation Army, Michael was able to quickly learn the ropes of youth development through an after-school position where he helped kids with their homework. While working to make enough money to pay for his prom, Michael received an even bigger pay off during his time at the Salvation Army: he recognized his love for working with youth and providing them with alternative paths to success. It has been this love that has driven Michael to work within communities across the globe. From the streets of South London to Crown Heights, Michael has been utilizing his skills in leadership development to change lives, all the while pursuing his own dreams and utilizing his creativity and drive to start his own business and redirect his passions into his work with youth.