Constituent Spotlight: Linda Rislin

Eric Adams

March 09, 2011


Biography of Linda Rislin

If there’s one thing Linda Rislin knows for sure is what tastes good. Many sweet tooths are thankful that the natural born foodie veered off the path of becoming a doctor and instead, fell in love with entrepreneurship at Howard University’s School of Business.

Linda Rislin Chocolates provides luxury handmade chocolate truffles for special events.Taking chocolatiering to another level, Linda is going beyond the bunny-shaped Easter chocolates from her childhood and is now enticing palates with her own line of mouthwatering treats that include such flavors as lemon lavender caramels enrobed in white chocolate. While she doesn’t intend to convert everyone into a chocolate lover, she does want to surprise taste buds with all the things the confection can do. One bite and you won’t be able to resist sharing.

As a Haitian woman  it is very important to Linda that she gives back to Haiti and she proudly does so through her chocolates. It has been over a year since the earthquake in Haiti and there is so much that still needs to be done. By purchasing a chocolate from The Ayiti Collection, Linda will donate 15% of the profits to Kay Nou Inc.(means Our House in Kreyol) a non profit that helps cultivate a better tomorrow for Haiti’s youth.Please visit their site here.

most popular flavors:

Champagne Milk Chocolate Truffle with Pop Rocks: Milk Chocolate ganache infused with Champagne encrusted with golden dusted Pop rocks. This will literally give you a party in your mouth!

Ayiti: Sweet Plantains soaked in Haitian Barbancourt Rum and cooked with Brown Sugar enrobed in White Chocolate. Topped with a sweet plantain chip for decoration. It’s a recipe based on banana’s foster’s using sweet plantains instead of bananas and the rum of my country. This truffle is a part of the Ayiti Collection which 15% of the profits go to Kay Nou Inc.

Lemon Lavender Caramels: Caramel infused with fresh lemon juice and lavender enrobed in white chocolate decorated with purple confections powder