February Constituent of the Month: Jacqueline Carthen

Eric Adams

February 02, 2013


JACQUELINE CARTHEN is a native of the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York.  She has always been involved and concerned about her community and is a public servant at heart.  

Ms. Carthen's recent community effort led to the reinstatement of the B48 bus route.  Last year, the MTA made service cuts citywide that included cutting partial service to the B48.  Ms. Carthen was directly affected by this decision, and she decided to take action and make a change for the betterment of her community.  She started a grassroots petition in the neighborhood, collecting signatures from her neighbors, churchgoers, friends and the community at large.  The persistence and dedication of Ms. Carthen and the volunteers of this project over a two-month span gathered nearly 3,000 signatures in overwhelming support of the restoration of the B48 bus line.  

With the support of the community and her local elected officials, the B48 bus line was among the 13 bus lines reinstated in New York City.  Ms. Carthen truly exemplifies how a small contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of many.  

She is an active member at the Albany Senior Center, Fort Greene Senior Center and the Rosetta-Gaston Senior Center.  In her spare time, she loves cooking specialty Italian dishes, playing card games (Bid Whist, Pinochle, and Spades), sewing, fishing and helping other people.