June Constituent of the Month - Anne Thompson

Eric Adams

June 04, 2012


Anne L. Thompson-Scretching is a 37-year resident of Patio Gardens in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  Raised in the Van Dyke Projects in Brownsville, she was considered a slow learner due to a reading disorder now known as dyslexia.  However, she was able to overcome this challenge thanks to a dedicated teacher, Ms. DeGrass, and she learned to read at the age of 9.  

In November 2011, Anne received the prestigious Jean Dalrymple “Best Playwright” Award from The American Theatre of Actors.  She is the only Black female recipient of four Jean Dalrymple Awards in four different categories:  comedy – “Four Men on a Couch,” drama – “You Shouldn’t Have Told,” classic – “The Fall from Grace,” and a period piece – “A Lesson in Blood,” spanning 17 years of her career at the American Theatre of Actors.