Senator Adams held a press conference regarding Public Financing of Political Campaigns

Eric Adams

May 01, 2012

Dear Constituent,

Today my Senate Democratic Colleagues and I held a press conference calling for the immediate passage of urgently necessary Campaign Finance Reform legislation.  We were joined by dozens of representatives from good government groups and campaign finance activists to send this message to our Republican colleagues: “Bring the 2012 Campaign Finance Reform Act to the floor and bring it now!”

The bill I introduced, S.3584-B, provides a comprehensive and balanced approach to the public financing of political campaigns in New York State.  It’s an ultimate, common-sense win for democracy which will allow challengers and incumbents to compete fairly by capping the amount of public funds that will be spent.

S.3584-B provides an equal opportunity for every day citizens to participate in the democratic process to run for elected office.  The passage of S.3584-B needs to happen expeditiously; that is why we’ve convened today to bring to light this relevant issue.

To learn about more about S.3584-B, you may review the press release click here.  If you have any questions and/or comments on this issue, please feel to reach out to my legislative office at 518-455-2431.


Yours truly,

Eric Adams

State Senator