September Constituent of the Month - Save Our Streets Crown Heights (S.O.S)

Eric Adams

August 31, 2012


Save Our Streets Crown Heights (S.O.S.) is a project of the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center and the Center for Court Innovation. This community-based effort strives to stop shootings and killings in our neighborhood. Working with the community, highly trained workers:

  • mediate high risk conflicts and provide immediate interventions whenever a shooting occurs
  • act as positive role models and peer counselors to men and women who are at risk of perpetrating or being victimized by violence
  • reach out to the victims, friends and family members
  • work to ensure that retaliatory shootings do not take place
  • create a community network of clergy, residents, and business owners
  • promote a visible and public message against gun violence and encourage local voices to articulate that shooting is an unacceptable behavior
  • organize youth to mobilize their peers against gun violence as part of the Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets program.


If you are interested in staying informed about S.O.S, volunteering, or attending their events, they may be contacted as follows:

Phone: 718-773-6886 -