Siobhan O’Neill

May 15, 2012


Siobhan O’Neill


Year: 2012

Siobhan O’Neill always dreamed of pursuing a career in theater. Born in Dublin, Ireland, livingin Hong Kong and moving to Kansas in the 5th grade, she attended Walnut Hill School for Performing Arts in Natick, Massachusetts and then Oberlin College in Ohio where she studied theatre, history, cello and voice. 

Making her dream a reality, Ms. O’Neill became a producer and partner of Ad Astra LIVE, a bi-coastaltheatrical production company and a producer of the For The Record series. For almost a decade, Ms.O’Neill worked as a booking agent and director for two prominent commercial theatrical bookingagencies in New York, overseeing national tours of many Broadway shows, including Tony® Award winners: The Producers the Mel Brooks musical, Twyla Tharp’s Movin’ Out and Hairspray. 

Seven years ago, Ms. O’Neill decided to step away from her career to be at home with her fi rst son. Always a go-getter, she had never been home during the day and did not understand a fundamental truth about our world: our very lives rely on the army of folks who live on our blocks. Recognizing this, Ms. O’Neill stepped forward when her aging, beloved neighbor, Walter, became very sick. Ever nurturing and gracious, she spent the last few days of Walter’s life with him. This event had such an impact on Ms. O’Neill’s life, that she honored him by giving her second son the middle name of Walter.

Because of her experience with her neighbor and friend, Ms. O’Neill had a change of heart regarding her career path. Volunteer work at her children’s pre-school followed and a love for the non-profit world was born. She decided to pursue a professional certificate in fundraising at New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. In addition to her work duties, Ms. O’Neill currently sits on the board of three non-profit organizations: she is the vice president and interim treasurer of PLG Arts, as well as the fundraising chair for Be Free Global and Kids Need a Melody.

Ms. O’Neill is an effective and compassionate woman who has made a real difference in the fabric of her community. She has, and will continue to be, a role model.