The Real Story Behind The Senate Power Grab

Eric T. Schneiderman

July 01, 2009

Behind the Albany circus that we’ve seen unfold in the last few weeks is the real story of why the failed coup attempt happened in the first place: we scared the special interests.

In the newest issue of the Village Voice, Tom Robbins illustrates how our progressive agenda became a target of “fear and loathing” by the state’s powerbrokers.

This must-read piece describes how the Republican-led coup attempt hijacked a progressive agenda that included many of my highest legislative priorities. As a result of this power grab, so many important bills that were incredibly close to being passed are now in limbo – from marriage equality to reproductive freedom to real rent reform to protections for farm workers to microstamping legislation that helps solve gun crimes.

This shameless takeover attempt is undemocratic. It clearly does not reflect the intent of the millions of New Yorkers who voted for a Democratic Majority last November and demanded progressive change.

After weeks of deadlock, I know you are understandably frustrated. I’m frustrated, too. But rest assured that I am more determined than ever to reach a bipartisan operating agreement, and rebuild a progressive movement that delivers meaningful reform for the people of this state.