Congratulations All Winners and Participants of the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Parade Organization Art and Essay Contest

Frank Padavan

May 18, 2009

I would like to extend my congratulations to all the participants and winners of the annual Little Neck-Douglaston Parade Ogranization's Art and Essay Contest. Many of the winners were on hand to recieve their awards during a cermony on Friday May 15th at Fort Totten. The themes this year ranged from "Our Country" in the art portion to "Preserving Our Nation" in the essay portion of the contest.

The Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade is the larget Memorial Day parade in the United State with tens of thousands of spectators from New York City and the surrounding areas lining the parade route. The contest is a part of the yearly celebration in the run up to Memorial Day.

I would also like to organization Chairman, James J. Rodgers,  Barbara Quigley-Barba Co-Chair, Catherine Glover, Co-Chair for all their hard work and dedication in putting together this event for our area school children.

Winners of the Art Contest

Grand Prize- Jae Eun Kim, MS 67, 6th Grade

First Place- Jillian Kiernan, Parkville
Second Place- Raymond Rico, St. Anastasia 
Third Place- Kajetan Ozadowicz, PS 205

First Grade
First Place- Alice La, PS 186
Second Place- Samuel Ahn, PS 94
Third Place- Mark Huber, St. Anastasia

Second Grade
First Place- Carnarr Campbell, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Michael Bonici, St, Anastasia
Third Place- Janeen P. Rico, St. Anastasia

Third Grade
First Place- Matthew Ventura, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Caitlyn Chen, PS 221
Third Place- Caitlyn Gillen, St. Anastasia

Fourth Grade
First Place- Joseph DeEgitio, PS 94
Second Place- Meaghan Sullivan, OLBS
Third Place- Rebecca Zanolla, OLBS

Fifth Grade
First Place- Audrey Lee, PS 94
Second Place- Ester Ahn, PS 94
Third Place- Daniel Kiernan, Lakeville

Sixth Grade
First Place- Justin Ting, MS 67
Second Place- Tiffany Franklyn, PS/IS 208
Third Place- Erin Pellegrino, St. Anastasia

Seventh Grade
First Place- Jazmyn Fuller, PS/IS 208
Second Place- Yuji Choi, St. Anastasia
Third Place- Ashley Hechler, St. Anastasia

Eighth Grade
First Place- Stefanie Wolf, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Amy Yang, St. Anastasia
Third Place- Ashley Hechler, St. Anastasia

Winners of the Essay/Poetry Contest

Grand Prize- Anastasia Gaspar, St. Anastasia, 8th Grade

Fourth Grade
First Place- Siena Clarke, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Rebecca Zanolla, OLBS
Third Place- Gabriella Zaki, St. Anastasia

Fifth Grade
First Place- Erica Cooper, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Danielle Colletti, St. Anastasia
Third Place- Carla Valenti, St. Anastasia

Sixth Grade
First Place- Tanina Dileo, St. Anastasia
Second Place- Robert Spitz, St. Anastasia
Third Place- Jon Caballero, St. Anastasia

Seventh Grade
First Place- Noor Javif, MS 67
Second Place- Danielle Morelli, St. Anastasia
Third Place- David Rodriguez, St. Anastasia

Eight Place
First Place- Kiwook Kim, MS 67