Efforts to protect electric consumers are thwarted in Albany

George D. Maziarz

 The Senate Republican Conference today proposed an amendment to legislation (S.3099) that would require the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to post a public notice on their website and www.powertochooseny.com at least ninety days prior to any rate changes, and notify their customers about the posting.


In addition, the amendment requires that NYPA implement a procedure to allow for public comment on the proposed rate increases. Senate Democrats refused to allow a vote on the amendment.

"The rate increase proposed earlier this year by NYPA was nothing more than an unfair, hidden tax that would have placed an enormous burden on Upstate families and businesses that are already struggling to make ends meet," said Senator George Maziarz. "Fortunately NYPA, under tremendous public pressure, decided to reverse the rate increases and forgo bonuses for their employees. This amendment would have prevented more unfair rate increases and ensure greater accountability in the future. This is a consumer-friendly bill and it’s unfortunate that the Democrats wouldn’t even allow it to be voted on."

"Last month, we saw the New York Power Authority announce a plan that would have raised rates for their customers by over twelve percent at the same time they were planning on paying their employees millions of dollars in bonuses," said Republican Leader Dean G. Skelos. "It is apparent that more needs to be done to make NYPA accountable to the taxpayers of this state, and this amendment could have ensured that no unfair rate hikes are enacted without proper notice and public input."