Lee Roberts

May 14, 2014


Lee Roberts


Year: 2014

Lee Roberts moved to Bedford, New York with her husband, Ken, in 1972 – after living in New York City for three years. Upon starting a family, Ms. Roberts began to join local organizations including the Presbyterian Church, where she is currently an Elder and a Deacon. After becoming active in the elementary school PTA, she joined the Katonah Village Library Board and the Village Improvement Society (KVIS). As an active member of the church, Ms. Roberts was long time board member and officer of the County Children’s Center and subsequently joined the daycare center board, where she served for many more years.

Through her church, Ms. Roberts formed the Center for Redirection through Education, which provides college educations for inmates at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Simultaneously, she took on several roles dedicated to helping the senior community. She is a founding member of ALOFT, an organization promoting aging in place, and became an active board member of Friends in Service Helping (FISH), providing rides for the elderly.

Through her volunteer work with the Bedford Hills and Katonah Women’s Civic Clubs, Ms. Robert’s commitment to her community continues to grow. Each month, she volunteers in their thrift shop; was a coalition member of AHOME, an affordable housing advocacy group, and was recently elected to the Boards of the Community Center of Northern Westchester and the Westchester Community Foundation.

In 1994, Ms. Roberts successfully ran for the Town Council, and was promoted to Deputy Supervisor four years later. In 2003, she was sworn in as the Supervisor of the Town of Bedford, where she served until January of 2014.

Supervisor Roberts served as a President and Executive Board member of the Westchester Municipal Officials Association, as well as other organizations devoted to helping local offi cials serve their constituents. Under her watch, Bedford formed the not-for-profit, NWEAC, to raise environmental awareness – with the goal of achieving a 20% energy reduction by the year 2020.

Among all of Lee Roberts’ many accomplishments, she is most proud of her three amazing children, two grandchildren and wonderful husband, Ken.