No New Taxes

George Winner

April 12, 2010

Are we in for a repeat performance?

At least some of New York’s current leaders appear to be slowly but surely spinning out their case for higher taxes.

A new analysis by the Senate Minority Finance Committee (see a copy of this analysis attached below) has uncovered a list of new taxes and fees being, at least, talked about -- and it rivals the $8-billion-plus tax package enacted by Governor Paterson and legislative leaders last April.

So, yes, I remain concerned that they just refuse to understand that New York’s workers, families, and employers can’t take any more taxes.

Are we on the verge, like last year, of another round of billions of dollars in new taxes and fees eventually enacted by the governor and legislative leaders after behind-closed-doors budget negotiations?

Any rush by Albany’s current leaders to “tax and tax more often” can only lead to local job losses and make it even harder for local families to make ends meet.

How about a state spending cap?  Could that be a better way to begin seriously addressing New York’s fiscal crisis over the long run?

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