Don Thomas

May 20, 2013


Don Thomas

Award: Honoring Our Veterans

Year: 2013

Don Thomas was born in Richmond, Virginia, but has called the Bronx home for the last four decades. In 1949, Mr. Thomas joined the Army and Aircraft Artillery branch of the military to help his mother raise his five brothers and sisters. During the three years that he served, Mr. Thomas engaged in a number of military confl icts, including the Korean War.

After returning home, Mr. Thomas turned his attention to pursuing a career in singing. His talent as a R&B and jazz artist gave him the opportunity to be the lead singer for a group called The Dealers. His success led him to travel around the world, performing everywhere from Canada to Japan. After 8 years with The Dealers, Mr. Thomas landed a spot as a vocalist on the Drifters, a famous R&B group that became known for their songs “Under the Boardwalk” and “Up On the Roof.”

Today, Mr. Thomas still shares his passion for singing with his community, performing in local establishments when given the opportunity. Mr. Thomas’ service, both in military and civilian life, have helped make our nation and community a better place.