It’s Barbecue season!

Gustavo Rivera

June 26, 2014

There are a few things you should know: 

·       According to FDNY regulations, grilling on rooftops is illegal

·       It is also illegal to grill on stoops and public sidewalks

·       Balconies and terraces may be an option, as long as the grill is 10 feet from any combustible material and/or the side of the building, and you have a hose or 16 quarts of water ready to douse any flare-ups

There are a number of city parks where grilling is allowed in designated areas, but please be aware that:

1. All parks prohibit open fires, ground fires and propane.

2. Only charcoal grills are allowed.

3. Keep grills at least ten feet away from trees & overhead branches.

3. Parties of 20 or more in city parks must obtain a special-events permit for $25 (

4. Dispose of coals in the marked drums, or extinguish with water and wrap in foil before putting in a nearby dumpster.

5. For more info, visit

Do not dump coals or ashes at the base of a tree, on the ground, or into bodies of water.

Dispose of all trash in regular cans and

place cooled charcoal in the red drums only.

Charcoal and litter harm animals and kill trees!