Senator Rivera Speaks Out Against Potential Deportations of New York City Foreign National Teachers

Gustavo Rivera

June 30, 2011

Senator Gustavo Rivera (D, WF-Bronx) joined Bronx foreign national teachers, the Department of Education and other community leaders on the steps of city hall on Wednesday, June 29th to reiterate his support for foreign national teachers facing deportation. In a press conference led by the Black Institute and Council Member Jumaane Williams, Senator Rivera and other community members focused on the importance of ensuring that each of these hard-working teachers and their families are able to stay in the United States and receive legal permanent residency.

"As the State Senator for the 33rd Senate District, I represent ALL the residents of my district regardless of immigration status," said Senator Rivera. "I am proud to stand up for my constituents, hard-working Bronx teachers, who have been working for a decade to educate the children of New York City. These individuals and their families have established roots here in New York City, making a difference in the lives of students as well as contributing to the life and vibrancy of our communities. I believe strongly that they should be able to stay in this country and that it is our job as elected officials to ensure that everything is being done to make that happen."