Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera On Bill That Would Require a Safety Warning Label On Sugar Sweetened Beverages

(Albany, NY)- State Senator Gustavo Rivera released the following statement today after bill S6435 failed to pass the Agriculture Committee. This bill, which is sponsored by Senator Rivera in the Senate and Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz in the Assembly, will require sugar sweetened beverages to be labeled with a safety warning in order to provide New Yorkers with accurate information about the chronic health risks associated with drinking soda and other sugary drinks.

"I'm disappointed that my colleagues in the Agriculture Committee failed to move this bill out of committee. The defeat of this bill represents a missed opportunity to effectively address the health risks associated with the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “As the sponsor of this bill, I strongly believe that requiring soda and other sugary drinks to be labeled with a safety warning is key to ensuring that consumers throughout our State are well informed about the health hazards associated with consuming these beverages, especially at a time when we are seeing obesity rates increase drastically. I remain committed to working hard to pass this bill and other measures that will help us in our fight against obesity."