Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera As “Happy Meal” Bill Passes The Senate Health Committee

May 02, 2017

(Albany, NY) - State Senator Gustavo Rivera released the following statement today after bill S1074, also known as the "Happy Meal Bill", was reported out of the Senate Health Committee. The "Happy Meal" bill would require fast food restaurants to set nutritional guidelines for meals aimed at children by including incentive items, such as toys, playing cards or other consumer products that appeal to children. The bill has now been referred to the Senate Codes Committee.
"Today, we took an important step forward in directly combating the obesity epidemic that continues to affect the lives of millions of children across New York State. Setting these critical guidelines for meals accompanied by toys will not only help parents and children make healthier food decisions at fast food restaurants, but it will also hold these restaurants accountable for the meals options they offer to children. As the Ranking Member of the Health Committee and the sponsor of this bill, I am fully committed to continue working with my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly to ensure that we pass this piece of legislation and continue to make fighting obesity a priority."