Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera on U.S House of Representatives Vote to Repeal The Affordable Care Act

“In a shameful and disgraceful move, House Republicans passed the so-called "American Health Care Act" which, in their quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act, will jeopardize the healthcare of at least 24 million Americans. House Republicans adamantly pushed for a bill that not only restricts women's access to critical healthcare, but also turns its back on the millions of Americans suffering from pre-existing conditions, including sexual assault victims, domestic violence survivors, and new mothers having postpartum depression or a C-section. Simply put, this bill looks to strip away health coverage from the sick and the poor in our country, leaving the taxpayer to foot a larger healthcare bill in the long run. As the Ranking Member of the New York Senate’s Health Committee, I cannot stand idly by while this appalling partisan measure strips New Yorkers from the health care they need.  That is why I am committed to working harder than ever to pass the single-payer bill I proudly sponsor in the New York State Senate and finally provide New Yorkers with the healthcare they deserve."