Senator Farley Greets McNulty Academy

Hugh T. Farley

February 01, 2012

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C, I - Schenectady) had the pleasure of meeting with students from McNulty Academy, Amsterdam, on January 30th when they came to Albany to tour the State Capitol and learn about New York State history and government.

Students on the tour included Alexia Caraballo, Jaccob Fabrizio, Elena Fedullo, Kolby Fifield, Katie Garcia, Simone Hunt, William LoBaina, Jose Merced, Kylie Myers, Tyler Nelli, Dayna Ocasio, Christopher Parker, Vivienne Phemister, Isabella Porter, Jacob Reed, Jazlyn Rivera, Jordan Roe, Eliza Santiago, Heather Vlasuk, Mackenzie Chinchilla, Nayelie Nazario, Milagros Ortiz, Kayla Kamanu, Lily Aesch. Chaperones were Mrs. Morley, Mr. Nelli, Mr. Porter, Mr. Zuppardi, Mrs. Fedullo, Ms. Snell, Ms. Arsenault, Ms. Lewis.