Jean-Marie Posner

May 15, 2012


Jean-Marie Posner


Year: 2012

Jean-Marie Posner embodies the true spirit of volunteerism. Through her commitment and dedication, she has worked tirelessly to enrich the lives of others while displaying an unwavering support of the beautification of her community and the education of all children. 

The volunteer and public office positions she has held are numerous, with each organization relying on her valuable leadership abilities. As the vice-chairman of the Friends of the Sands Point Preserve, Ms. Posner worked diligently for the preservation and protection of the beauty of the preserve, enabling current and future residents to enjoy the educational and cultural experiences it has to offer. In addition, she also serves as the president of the Port Washington Senior Center, which enriches the lives of senior citizens throughout the community by providing valuable programs and services. 

As if her contributions to these two organizations weren’t enough, Ms. Posner also finds time to serve on the Town of North Hempstead Environmental Legacy Fund, as well as serving as vice-president of the Sands Point Civic Association and assistant treasurer of the Port Washington Education Foundation, which supports educational opportunities for students of the Port Washington schools. In addition, her efforts in promoting creativity through the visual arts have also benefitted The Art Guild at Elder fields Preserve, where Ms. Posner served as treasurer for five years. 

Ms. Posner has been a part of the rich history of the Community Synagogue in Port Washington, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, by serving as a board director as well as president of the Sisterhood of the Community Synagogue. 

The impact Ms. Posner has on her community extends to residents of all ages. Her unwavering commitment to education has made significant contributions to the Port Washington schools and her efforts remain enduring. She has served on many boards and advisory committees and her devotion to learning has deeply benefitted the students of Port Washington and the community as a whole. 

Ms. Posner’s dedication to improving the lives of her fellow citizens and for all her work in advancing issues critical to the state such as education, senior citizens affairs and the environment, is inspiring.