Lacrosse Challenge and Clinic in Memory of Saintil and Kalu!

Jack M. Martins

July 02, 2013

The Martins Classic 3on3 announced today that the Old Skool-New Skool Lacrosse challenge will be played for a round 2 game at Dutch Broadway School on July 13th! The game is being played in memory of Marie Rose Saintil and Chinyere Kalu. In addition to the traditional game, a lacrosse mini-clinic will be run by Lacrosse Stars Mustapha Allanah, Cindy Moreno, Gabby Rayan, Wedly Saintil, Jonathan Peck, Qusarn Caldwell, Iffy Kalu, Kevin Johnson, Ben Odugbesan, Isaiah Jackson, Brandon Brown, Seth Johnson and Patrick LaRoque.